Happy Ice Cake mengeluarkan menu baru “Banana Brownies Ice Cream”


IMG-20150422-WA0010                  IMG-20150422-WA0008
You are not satisfied with the usual ice cream you feel?
Create your ice cream lovers, just try! Banana Brownies Ice Cream
Ice cream with bananas and a touch of mint brownies and vanilla and chocolate flavors and a sprinkling of cheese on top. With pieces made thereon strowberry unique sour taste mixed with pieces of gelatin and oreo that will shake your tongue. Quite simply by eating Banana Brownies Ice Cream, then Choclate, Vanilla and Milk will attack your tongue.
Hmmmm Yummyyyyyy !!!
Crowded salty sour sweet taste, lo definitely drool
Banana Brownies Ice Cream only for enthusiast delights
Let’s in order not to run out……

Address : Bojong Rangkong, Pulogebang Cakung East Jakarta

Phone: ( 021) 8845669





Happy Ice Cake


Happy Ice Cake



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