Introduce me Utrin Safitri here I will try to write a new tourist spot I visited a year ago that the Eid 2014. This beach is different from the other beaches I have ever visited before. This beach has a view that is so amazing and exotic hidden, and many people who do not know because it is located in the coastal hinterland that is South Beach. That comes to your mind is where the beach? And why until called heaven, and where the location of the beach? Well let’s we look ….menganti

Beach this one is so exotic, not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. One of the beaches, which have long known by people around Kebumen for its beauty, but largely unknown outside the region, and recently the Government Kebumen in 2011 formally make the beach as a tourist open and attractive tourist destination.
There are several attractions that are well known Kebumen beaches, such as Logending Beach, Karangbolong, Petanahan and suwuk. However, the beaches have black sand. Unlike the Kebumen Menganti Beach has white sand lure. If to describe how beautiful the beach Menganti Kebumen not enough only in the form of writing, we should go and see the beauty of its own.

peta menganti

The beach is located in the village Menganti Karangduwur, sub father, Kebumen. Located approximately 40 kilometers from the district Deal. Menganti beach can be reached by motor vehicle. But it is better to use a motorcycle, do not use a car or bus. Because the terrain is so steep, winding and very difficult to pass. Need struggle deh anyway to get over there. But will pay off when it reached the coast. And we will immediately shout WOW … geez really good. With white sand with blue water and surrounded by green hills and cliffs towering nature that would make us so amazed how beautiful Menganti Beach.

If you want to see more sights cool again we can go up to the hill which is at the eastern side, because there are 20 meters tall lighthouse tower. Myth Menganti Beach Kebumen change their name taken from the Java language, which means waiting. And from the beginning, long time ago there was a warlord of the Majapahit kingdom who had fled to the southern coast of Java because of relationship with her lover who is not in Bless the King. And they agreed to meet at the edge of the ocean and beautiful white sand. Throughout the day, the commander continues to await the idol of the heart until the end of the idol of the heart was not forthcoming at the top of a limestone hill. And the commander was kept waiting and waiting until long. And based on the story is the origin of the name Menganti Beach.

Previous location only be a fishing boat landing. And only known by the people around Kebumen, I hope that the local government especially the local government to be more serious Kebumen maintain and preserve this Menganti Beach. As spelled out on the beach which is required to visit while in kebumen. Too unfortunately not if the exquisite natural beauty is not much dinimati by tourists. With admission only two thousand five hundred dollars for one person.
karcis pantai

A few of my posts about the beauty Menganti Beach. Do not miss if you are passing through the area Kebumen Central Java, hopefully you are interested to visit and going to regret it if not visit,,, Thank you.


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